When I first started Iyengar yoga classes and contemplated teacher training, it was expressed to me that I needed to find a teacher within the method and stay only with this teacher, with the exception of workshops run by other senior Iyengar yoga teachers. This didn’t make sense to me. I had always attended classes all over the place and I had a few teachers for lengthy periods of 6-to-12 months but certainly not for years … my thoughts were that the more teachers you have the more information you could gain and the more interesting and fun it would be.


Yoga Room/Play Room

June 28, 2019
unfold yoga + wellbeing

When we bought our first home in the beautiful Blue Mountains (BC or before children), I was lucky enough to place first dibs on the loveliest room in the house. This room became my sacred and serene yoga space. The room had honeysuckle coloured floorboards, soft white walls and high ceilings. The large cottage window looked out onto a stunning Rhododendron that donned huge bright pink flowers. This tree brought me hope in the depths of a cold mountain winter knowing that when it started to bud and flower, warmer weather was upon us.


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