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The studio runs intensives, workshops, retreats and community events in yoga and other mind-body disciplines. Visiting professionals also hold workshops in their specialist areas. All workshops are kept updated on this page and on our Facebook page and Instagram.

Visit our studio to pick up a flyer on these events or call directly the contact details included in the individual events information below.

  • Unfold Yoga with Rebecca McFarlane From May 19, 2019

    Unfold Yoga with Rebecca McFarlane

    Ideal for troublesome areas, injuries or to deepen your understanding.

    This workshop is for people who are currently practising yoga, as well as for teachers of yoga, who wish to learn more about the anatomy and physiology of the particular region of the body and how to teach asana with integral alignment and healthy, supportive technique, for that area of the body.

    Each workshop in this series explores a specific body area. Using anatomical models, visual charts, partner work and discussion, we look at normal movement and how poor motion and muscle imbalances lead to joint dysfunction.

    The workshops encourage asana development with a nurturing approach rather than becoming frustrated with what may appear to be a limitation. Learning to work with an open, explorative approach invites unlimited new experiences!

    The attention to precision of alignment, which is unique to Iyengar yoga teaching, resonates with applied scientific knowledge of human movement or ‘biomechanics’.

    It is also a perfect opportunity for yoga teachers to deepen their knowledge and confidence to support students with issues.

    Note: the full series provides 10 CPD points with Yoga Australia. 

    Shoulder: May 19  

    Hip: June 30  

    Shoulder: July 28  

    Knee: August 11  NEARLY FULL BOOK NOW

    Back: September 22  NEARLY FULL BOOK NOW

    Sunday’s 1:00pm – 3:30pm

    Rebecca McFarlane (B.Appl.Sc Physio)
    Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher
    Anatomy & Physiology Teacher

    $60 for first workshop

    20% discount offered for students taking subsequent workshops

    Apply discount code WORKSHOPSERIES at purchase.

    For more information or rebates for the workshop series contact:
    Rebecca Mob: 0419 801 565

    This Workshop Series will definitely be repeated at Unfold studio next year, with possible alternative areas of the body to focus on.


  • Meditation Course From 30 April, 2019

    Meditation Classes

    Five week course

    Tuesday 27th August to Tuesday 24th September
    8.00am – 9:00am


    $90 or if you are currently a student at our studio, pay $75.

    These classes offer simple and practical methods to calm the breath, relax deeply, quiet the mind, release stress and experience a deep inner peace. Meditation is a natural and rewarding process where we learn to befriend ourselves thereby deepening our capacity for being present and aware.

    All welcome.

    Included in this series are:

    -Guided meditations, on the breath; body awareness; using our experiences as a support for meditation; loving kindness and compassion practices.

    -A theoretical framework of teachings on meditation.

    -Group discussion and reflection.

    -Take home activities for daily practice.

    -Exploring the purpose of meditation and its benefits.

    Each week will be progressive and supportive for the group; undertaking fundamental training’s in the foundations of mindful awareness.

    These classes have been well received for their implicit qualitative meditation practices that cultivate a calm sense of wellbeing in mind and body.

    The teacher of this course is Jenny Forsyth.
    Jenny has studied and practiced meditation with Tibetan Buddhist group, Rigpa, since 2004.
    She draws inspiration from her teachers at Rigpa, as well as, Tara Brach.
    “In my classes I encourage students to explore and experiment with practices that bring mindful, loving awareness to their inner and outer lives.”

    Contact Jenny for any further enquiry that you wish to ask.
    Jenny’s Mob: 0431 673 999

  • Meditation & Soundbath From 26th July, 2019

    Meditation & Soundbath

    with Sound Temple

    Friday evenings

    Mark Your Calendar:
    26th July
    27th September
    25th October
    29th November

    Time: 7pm sharp (doors open at 6.45pm)
    Unfold Yoga + Wellbeing
    Level 1, 20A Gawler Street, Mt Barker, SA, 5251
    Ticket Price: $33

    Enter into a welcoming sacred space where Petta will guide you in creating your own experience of relaxation. Lie down comfortably, and close your eyes as magical frequencies of sound healing bathe your body, mind and soul.

    Instruments such as crystal & tibetan bowls, gongs, voice, delicate chimes and bells, strings, piano, cosmic tone instrument and drums, will be offered into the space. The overlays of sacred sounds and unique sound transitions offer a gentle journey where the music creates deep peace within. These sessions are designed to offer deep rest, relaxation and healing that flows through your body, mind and spirit.

    Petta is a sound & visual artist, healer, oracle and teacher. She is based in Adelaide Hills, South Australia. She offers regular group sound healing sessions, soundbath for relaxation & ceremony themed sound events. She has various workshops available and offers a range of healing modalities, with some services available via distance.

    Contact 0412 986 426 or
    with any questions & to book your ticket.

  • Meditation & Soundbath From 26th July, 2019

    New Year’s Eve Meditation & Soundbath

    with Sound Temple

    with Sound Temple

    Tuesday 31st December

    Time: 1:30pm sharp (doors open at 1:15pm)
    Unfold Yoga + Wellbeing
    Level 1, 20A Gawler Street, Mt Barker, SA, 5251
    Ticket Price: $33

    Contact 0412 986 426 or
    with any questions & to book your ticket.

    Connect with the public pages on facebook “Petta KneeLah” or “Blessed Gaia” to stay in touch.


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