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The studio runs intensives, workshops, retreats and community events in yoga and other mind-body disciplines. Visiting professionals also hold workshops in their specialist areas. All workshops are kept updated on this page and on our Facebook page and Instagram.

Visit our studio at Level 1, 20A Gawler Street, Mt Barker, SA, 5251, to pick up a flyer on these events or call directly the contact details included in the individual events information below.

  • Children's Yoga from 4 February, 2020

    Children’s Yoga

    6 or 7 years old – 11 years
    Tuesday 4:15pm – 5:00pm
    Terms 1, 2, 3 & 4
    $120 for x8 weeks

    • Creative, playful exploration of yoga through postures, incorporating Hindi tales and meditation.
    • Helps children develop strength, focus, flexibility, balance, and learn ways to rest
    • Nurtures children’s natural spiritual nature and helps them connect with their loving, vibrant and positive energy.

    These classes will be taught by Loren Barker.

    0421 824 397


    Tuesday 4 February to 24th March – Term 1

    Tuesday 5 May to 30th June – Term 2

    4:15pm-5:00pm, with Loren

    Unfold Yoga + Wellbeing
    Level 1, 20A Gawler Street, Mt Barker, SA, 5251

  • Yoga for Teenagers from 10 February, 2020

    Yoga for Teenagers

    For students aged 12 to 16 years.
    Yoga is great for everybody – especially teenagers.

    Our Yoga for Teenagers helps our youth endure stress, develop resilience, and improve self-esteem.

    Taught in the calm and supportive studio atmosphere at Unfold Yoga, the sequence of postures are suitable for those with no yoga experience and are designed to both support and energise young people.

    We cover many aspects of yoga throughout the year, including deep restorative classes when energy levels are low, focused and dynamic standing poses, flowing sequences with Salute to the Sun, Yoga Nidra (deep relaxations), Meditations and sitting postures, balances and lots of inversions/Hand stands, which everyone loves.

    $120 for x8 week term or $15 per class. Start any time.

    These classes are taught by Loretta Voivodich, Founder and Director of Unfold Yoga. 0421 824 397 or

    Register with the link below.


    Monday 10 February to 6 April – Term 1

    Monday 4 May to 29 June – Term 2
    4:00pm-5:00pm, with Loretta

    Unfold Yoga + Wellbeing
    Level 1, 20A Gawler Street, Mt Barker, SA, 5251

  • Beginners 2020 from 12 January, 2019

    Beginners Yoga

    Beginners Foundations

    Class times for 2020

    Beginners x8 weeks 1 x class per week $140
    Beginners Intensive Pass Option $185
    Attend up to three classes per week for 8 weeks.
    GREAT VALUE at $23 per week
    Attend any of our Beginner foundation class times:
    Monday 6pm, Wednesday 7.30pm, Saturday 9:30am, Sunday 9:15am
    Also available for your attendance:
    Easy Pace 10am Wednesday
    Stretch & Restore 6pm Thursday
    Beginner/Level 1, 9:30am Friday


    6:00pm-7:00pm, with Loretta

    7:30pm-8:30pm, with Jo

    9:30am-10:45am, with Loretta

    9:15am-10:30am, with Samantha

    Unfold Yoga + Wellbeing
    Level 1, 20A Gawler Street, Mt Barker, SA, 5251

  • Meditation Series From 14th January, 2020

    Meditation Series

    Meditation Series

    Begin 2020 by gifting yourself the time to learn and practise meditation within a safe and supportive group environment.

    Facilitated by Jenny Forsyth who has studied Tibetan Buddhism and practised meditation since 2004.


    Price: $88 x4-week series or $25 per session

    Suitable for beginners or more experienced practitioners; in these sessions we take the  opportunity to listen, feel, experience and share what meditation is.

    Embarking on the journey of meditation can deeply transform and enrich our daily life.

    Becoming familiar with and training in mindful ‘awareness,’ or ‘presence,’ is the essence of basic meditation which is a state of non-distraction.

    A progressive four weeks of training in a variety of practices to familiarise, strengthen, expand, and deepen our capacity for ‘presence’.

    In line with the new year, we will explore our deepest intentions.

    The Buddha taught that: ‘this whole life including our thoughts, feelings and actions, arise from the tip of intention’

    Enquiries Phone 0431 673 999

  • Meditation & Soundbath From 31st January, 2020


    Sound Temple

    Monthly Soundbath

    Enter into a welcoming sacred space where you will guided to create your own experience of relaxation. Lie down comfortably, and close your eyes as magical frequencies of sound healing bathe your body, mind and soul.

    Instruments such as crystal & himalayan bowls, gongs, voice, delicate chimes and bells, strings, piano, cosmic tone instrument and drums, will be offered into the space. The overlays of sacred sounds and unique sound transitions offer a gentle journey where the music creates deep peace within. These sessions are designed to offer deep rest, relaxation and healing that flows through your body, mind and spirit.

    Friday evenings

    27th March

    24th April

    15th May

    19th June

    31st July

    28th August

    25th September

    30th October

    27th November

    Time: 7pm sharp (doors open at 6.45pm)

    Ticket Price: $33

    Contact 0412 986 426
    with any questions.

  • Come & Try 2020

    Free try yoga

    FREE Come & Try Classes


    Unfold Yoga + Wellbeing
    Level 1, 20A Gawler Street, Mt Barker, SA, 5251


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