Yoga at Unfold is interesting, challenging and flexible. Loretta is a true professional; she is understanding of family needs and provides flexibility with her group pass, extends my yoga practice on many levels and always provides interest and diversity in her classes.

– Suzie J

At 46 with Rheumatoid Arthritis suddenly affecting my hands and feet and energy levels I was forced to seriously reconsider my regular exercise routines.  This led me to Unfold Yoga late last year.   Since then my strength and flexibility has improved and general feeling of well-being is on the rise.  During the class I look forward to getting out of my mind and back in to my body.  This calming yet active time allows me to switch off from my busy life situation and connect back to myself.  If you are not sure what you are looking for but feel that you need a change for the better I would certainly recommend trying an introductory course.

– Jan H

In the brief time that I have been consistent with my practise, my pain management has decreased. I have 80% less chiropractic adjustments. When I do experience pain, nine times out of ten, I can actually use yoga to work some or most of the pain out. Many a night, when I have not been able to sleep due to pain, or insomnia, my other half has woken to see me on the floor over my bolster or my legs up the wall to try and settle my body. 

I wish had started my yoga journey younger. I wish I had more time for it now, but I’m getting there. I have the rest of my life to perfect it. 

– Kylie W

Beginning yoga this year has been a wonderful experience for me & I’m noticing so many benefits. Thanks for the beautiful way you teach, you have an incredible gift and I am loving being a part of your classes at Unfold. 

– Amanda C

Thank you Loretta, I have very much appreciated the classes I have attended.  Your teaching is very warm, thorough and clear. 

– Ali A

I am fully enjoying how connected I am feeling. Even on a bad day, I don’t want to miss class. I feel grounded, aware of my body and slowly, gradually regaining strength, and finding weakness and strength I never knew I had.

– Kylie W

I discovered the practice of yoga over a year ago when I came to Unfold Yoga as a new starter. I will be forever grateful that I have found Unfold, and a teacher like Loretta who’s passion and knowledge shines through her classes. From the moment you enter the Unfold studio and come to the mat, the view out over the hills of Mount Barker and the atmosphere of the studio is completely calming. The Unfold space is an invigorating and nurturing one, where everyone is made welcome no matter the level of your yoga practice. Under Loretta’s watchful eye, one has enough freedom to explore the poses and feel challenged, while Loretta provides just the right amount of instruction, support and guidance to help you grow and refine your practice.

– Ella D

Life is better with yoga, and I find it a useful tool to moderate the ageing process. During my fourteen years of yoga journey, I have been fortunate to learn from three amazing teachers and Loretta (Unfold Yoga) is one of them. She has a voice tuned to yoga and carefully guides us to ever refined poses and asanas.

Her classes find a level that gently accommodates every one present. Loretta’s yoga teaching is continually evolving and helps us unfold the complexity of daily life.

– Andrew P

I enjoy the lessons at unfold yoga because they are fun and challenging at the same time. It isn’t too difficult and complicated which makes it fun and challenging to do and our teacher never pushed us too far with any of the pose’s. It is a great way to exercise without having to go to the gym and get all sweaty and it is suitable for I believe ages from 11 to 17 years.

– Chloe B

I have always been a keen gym attendee and I had been going to a Pilates class for a couple of years also but decided that I wanted to try something else. I took the plunge, even though I was skeptical and joined a 10 week beginner class at Unfold Yoga. I knew that from sitting and working at a desk all day long for many years my body was really tight and stiff and that yoga may be a challenge for me to do. I can definitely say after walking through that door some 2 years ago I have not looked back and have become an unlikely advocate of Yoga.

The teachers I have had at Unfold are brilliant, they describe every pose in such great detail which really helps from beginner to advanced, and they also correct your pose if you are not quite getting it right. Additionally they recognise and adapt poses for individuals if you can’t quite achieve that level and suggest alternative options, which is a great benefit to me. The restorative session at the end of each class is also such a great way to finish particularly in this busy world we live in nowadays.

I now know what yoga burn is and I feel not only taller and more upright, I have more flexibility and I feel such an improvement in many aspects of my body and self. 

– Deborah T

I do feel that things are coming along nicely and that yoga is definitely helping my shoulder improve – possibly because it’s strengthening the muscles around the damaged tendon which provides that extra support. Whatever it is, I’m certainly grateful, it’s been a long nine months since the original injury and to finally feel almost pain free is a blessing. I do appreciate you taking the time with not only me but other members of the class with our various aches and pains and guiding us through the poses and allowing modifications where they’re needed. I’m looking forward to the day when I can do a handstand!

– Carol B

I just wanted to let you know my sister & I absolutely loved our first session & we can’t wait for more… thanks so much Jamey.

– Jaine W

Thank you for class yesterday. All 4 of us were either sore or exhausted last night, but we all slept great. I for one feel less sore! Thank god. All week I’ve had aches everywhere for all the random stuff I do. Chopping wood was the killer this week. I feel like my body is back in balance again from that awkward task. Thank you! Your subtly progressive classes are such a sneaky way to help us grow and strengthen. I’m noticing a huge difference already! Thank you for your great cues and adjustments. They’re appreciated. 

– Emily K

For the past 6 years I have had the privilege of being a yoga student under the tuition of Loretta and I have found Iyengar Yoga particularly suits my needs. The moment to moment verbal instruction offered helps guide my focus and awareness through all aspects of each asana and thus entrainment and a deeper connection happens over time.   Gradually I have learnt to feel very present with the practice, with myself and with the teacher.

I am 66 years of age and have problems and some pain with my lower back but have recently committed to 2 practice sessions a week to further strengthen my body and calm my emotions. I feel confident that more yoga, practiced gently and with awareness, the helpful use of props and Loretta’s guidance will be a good thing rather than choosing to do less for fear of further hurting my back.

In fact, committing to 2 sessions a week has subtly reinforced a respect for myself for having made the choice.

– Rose W

We had a discussion upon our walk back to school. The kids really enjoyed their yoga class at Unfold.  Some of the points they enjoyed I will list for you.

  • The poses were relaxing
  • You spoke well throughout it giving reasons for why they are effective for reducing stress
  • You gave options if something was too hard
  • Most of them felt so relaxed afterwards they wanted to have  a nap!
  • Thanks again. It is something I will include for my class next year and hopefully other teachers will too.

– Jen, Mount Barker High, Year 10 Health Studies teacher

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