Pregnancy Classes for Women

Yoga is the perfect fit for pregnancy; being a gentle exercise that fosters strength but softness, resilience, with calm. It is a valuable gift to a woman’s health routine throughout pregnancy, towards birth, and motherhood.

Our pregnancy classes are designed to nurture a positive and open mind, and body throughout the changing stages of a woman’s pregnancy and in preparation for birth.

Currently our specialised Prenatal classes are yet to be resumed for 2020. Call to book in to a weekly class on our timetable. We will direct you to a class appropriate for you to attend.

Reasons to do yoga during pregnancy

The unique atmosphere of a yoga class, with specialised yoga sequences offers a special time to nurture and restore a woman’s energy and to instil inner peace. This weekly time dedicated to this practice can cultivate confidence, dissolving fear.

Practicing yoga relieves, relaxes and strengthens, creating more internal space, and making adjustments for your changing  shape, and for baby.

This quiet time in yoga practice, shared with other women enriches the growing connection with yourself and your growing baby.

Techniques, such as utilising the power of the breath, meditation and visualisation are incorporated in these yoga classes for women.

Prenatal Yoga Teacher

Loretta holds full yoga qualifications, and has done individual study on yoga for pregnancy with her own senior teachers, and developed her personal practice during both her pregnancies. Loretta shows experience in accommodating first timers to yoga, first time mothers and seasoned practitioners.

Considerations for your Pregnancy Classes
  • If you are new to yoga, commencing your classes at 13 weeks, (second trimester), is recommended, or once you are feeling ready to do so.
  • Start any time by purchasing your ten class pass. You can attend our specialised pregnancy class or call to book in to find a class appropriate for you to attend.
  • Expect to connect with a supportive peer group of soon-to-be mothers.
  • Register your interest by completing a health background form.
  • Yoga classes can be attended until full term, up till your expected birth date.

(no casual visits available) (Only if required, instalments may be requested).

Bookings and Enquiries
Call Loretta 0421 824 397



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I’ve really enjoyed keeping up my yoga practice throughout my pregnancy. So relaxing to my mind and nourishing to my muscles & joints; a big thank you to Loretta for personalizing the postures to accommodate my changing body over the past 6 months. I can’t recommend Unfold Yoga + Wellbeing enough.
– Ash Grant