WED 6:00pm (Commences 25th September)
TEACHER: Loretta
Have you already enjoyed the benefits of Yoga, then our Level 1/2 classes could be right for you.

Level 1/2 yoga classes are for people with some experience and for those ready to extend and deepen their practice.

Level 1/2 classes do regular inversions and work on more back bends and other advanced poses. Six major groups of postures are practised, these are; standing poses, forward bends, twists, backbends, inversions, and balancings. Restorative and Pranayama practices (the yogic art of breathing) are part of our cycle of practices.

You don’t have to be able to do all postures, but rather you begin to engage wholly in the asana practice to see directly in to the experience and interact with the mind, body and senses, exploring what options to take and adjusting to build an intelligent and balanced practice. Practice is developed with an alert and quiet mind. Initially a fragmented mind, is overcome by the applications of practice.

This practice grows out of the preliminary postures, that are returned to daily by even advanced practitioners. The practice is progressive in nature, engaging wholly, ones concentration, stamina, study, and inner resources.

Progressing your practice

At this level students are attending regularly each week, either one or two classes and show interest in home practice. They show readiness to develop the range of postures and improve core strength. Benefits of home practice are in the regulation of what you explore for yourself in your own time.

Classes include teaching the foundations and the progression of headstand and shoulderstand. These inversions are emotionally balancing and strengthening and are a balance to the more active poses.

Level 1/2 Class Times

Wednesday 6:00pm, Thursday 9:30am, Saturday 8:00am

Booking Details

Level 1/2 classes can be booked by purchasing a Membership or Class Pass. Please visit the Passes page with button below, for your choice of pass.

Classes are ongoing and are a regular part of the timetable.


“We start Yoga and do Yoga for lots of reasons but at its core it’s a disciplined practice to understand the nature of consciousness. In the process we get a better understanding of ourselves our behaviours, our relationships, our lives.”   (‘Yoga Sadhana – a guide for sadhakas and teachers’ Yoga Mandir)




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“Yoga at Unfold is interesting, challenging and flexible. They extend my yoga practice on many levels and always provides interest and diversity in there classes.”

Suzie J.