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Have you already enjoyed the benefits of Yoga, then our Level 1/2 classes could be right for you.

For people with some Iyengar yoga experience, who have completed a Beginners Course and/or continued to Level 1 classes. These classes are designed to extend asana practice. Students continue to consolidate the basics, and are introduced to newer poses such as inversions and back bends. There is understanding of approach, where we see the practice as the cultivation of an alert and quiet mind. Initially a fragmented mind is overcome by the applications of practice.

Developing your yoga practice

In our Level 1/2 classes students are attending regularly each week and show readiness to develop the range of postures and improve core strength. Students practice sequences from six major groups. These are: standing poses, forward bends, twists and miscellaneous poses, backbends, inversions, hand balancings, also restorative poses and pranayama practices (the yogic art of breathing). Classes include learning and practicing the foundations for inversions, and gradually building a confident and stable practice of headstand and shoulderstand. These inversions are emotionally balancing and strengthening and are a balance to the more active poses.

This class is for the developing practitioner who is seeking a deeper application of practice and for further advancement in postures and sequences. You receive direction and encouragement in a class but classes should be supported by a home practice. Teachers at Unfold support the development of home practice by continuing dialogue between students and teachers over time, either before and after class and within classes, regarding individual management of needs, supporting injury or conditions, or specific interests. We hope to offer encouragement for you to feel drawn to practising at home, where the benefits are in the regulation of what you explore for yourself in your own time, from the inside out.

Level 1/2 Class Times

Wednesday 6:00pm, Thursday 9:30am, Saturday 8:00am

Booking Details

Level 1/2 classes can be booked by purchasing a Membership or Class Pass. Please visit the Passes page with button below, for your choice of pass.

Classes are ongoing and are a regular part of the timetable.


“We start Yoga and do Yoga for lots of reasons but at its core it’s a disciplined practice to understand the nature of consciousness. In the process we get a better understanding of ourselves our behaviours, our relationships, our lives.”   (‘Yoga Sadhana – a guide for sadhakas and teachers’ Yoga Mandir)



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“The teachers I have had at Unfold are brilliant, they describe every pose in such great detail which really helps from beginner to advanced, and they also correct your pose if you are not quite getting it right. Additionally they recognise and adapt poses for individuals if you can’t quite achieve that level and suggest alternative options, which is a great benefit to me. The restorative session at the end of each class is also such a great way to finish particularly in this busy world we live in nowadays.

I now know what yoga burn is and I feel not only taller and more upright, I have more flexibility and I feel such an improvement in many aspects of my body and self.”

Deborah T.