Yoga is for everybody. Unfold your strength and confidence in Level 1 classes

Level 1 classes are for students who have completed an introductory course, or for ‘newcomers’ to our studio.

Level 1 (75 or 90 minutes)

Build on what you’ve learned in the beginner’s course.

You don’t need to know every pose before you start level 1 classes. Level 1 is about working towards new poses and becoming familiar with what your body is ready for. You may not be ready for some poses and that is okay, as you will learn how to adapt poses for your best practice.

We welcome everybody to give Level 1 classes a try, unless you have never done yoga before when it is then a better option to join one of our beginner’s courses.

Coming weekly to your Level 1 classes develops steady progress in the primary yoga postures, including the practice of backbends and shoulder stand.

Being a regular student to one particular class and teacher can be useful for your consistent progress.

Gain flexibility, balance and wellbeing with every class.

Students report having great benefits from attending one class per week, but attending two or more classes per week, you will see consistent and quick progress. With a minimum of six months regular practice or more in Level 1, you may be ready to progress to Level 2 classes.

Come to class when you can, and as often as you like, particularly if you need flexibility in attending.

Level 1 Class Times

Tuesday 9:30am (90 minutes), Tuesday 6:00pm (75 minutes),  Thursday 6:00pm (75 minutes), Sunday 9:00am (75 minutes).

Booking Details

Use your choice of class pass to any of our classes on our weekly timetable at our Adelaide Hills yoga studio, in Mount Barker. Students under 30 can purchase a 5 class student pass for less.


“It is through the alignment of the body that I discovered the alignment of my mind, self, and intelligence.”

B.K.S. Iyengar



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“Thank you Loretta, I have very much appreciated the classes I have attended. Your teaching is very warm, thorough and clear.”

Ali A.