Unfold Yoga offers two options for people who are either completely new to yoga, or for those wanting a refresher course after having had a break from yoga, or general exercise.

1. Purchase your EIGHT WEEK BEGINNERS COURSE PASS to attend one class per week for eight weeks. If you miss your regular class, you can attend any of the other Beginner class times throughout the duration of your eight weeks.
2. Choose our great value INTENSIVE OPTION to attend up to three classes per week for eight weeks.

Current Beginners Class Times. Duration of class is 1 hour.

Monday 6:00pm – Join any time!

Friday 10:00am – Join any time!

Saturday 9:45am – Join any time!

Choice of Passes

Beginners 8 week Course $140
One class per week for 8 weeks

Beginners Intensive Course Option $185
Up to three classes per week for 8 weeks. GREAT VALUE at $23 per week!

By booking in to a course you make a positive commitment to explore what yoga can offer you.

Sharing yoga with family and friends is double the fun, join together and both receive 10% OFF.

Register and then purchase your pass at the link below to provide relevant health/medical information and to confirm your place. Please indicate one main class you’d like to attend if you choose the one class per week option.


Have a meaningful and powerful start to yoga.

Students at our school range from 12 years to 80 years of age. You can practice this method of yoga with us at your own pace, and it is suitable for EVERYBODY!

Join our beginners classes to be introduced to a passionate and experienced teacher and learn a safe and authentic method.

Enjoy a beautiful studio atmosphere where you will be offered engaging, clear instruction in a professional and supportive environment. Our classes find the right level for YOU, no matter what stage of your life, fitness level, or flexibility. Our teachers cater to the individual, as well as the group, and classes have lots of variety from week-to-week.

Via planned sequences and insightful guidance and support, our teachers will help you attain the increased body awareness, mobility, strength and fitness that you are looking for. We provide an experience that engages an alert but relaxed mind, increasing your confidence, contentment, and clarity.


“Jamey is a great instructor, very thorough and makes it easy to learn; very relaxed and comfortable experience.”


Iyengar Yoga for Beginners

Yoga is a practice that brings union, physically, mentally and spiritually, creating a quiet and restored sense of wellbeing.

This practice is based on precision of alignment and sequencing. You will learn the postures suitable for the beginner student, with new postures introduced each week, and then consolidated. Basic yoga philosophy is also included within the classes.

Yoga’s combined application of body awareness with alignment, loosens tight muscles, decreasing pain and discomfort.

Yoga strengthens joints and the core bringing lightness and mobility. Balanced movement and breathing patterns help improve circulation.


“I enjoyed the process / journey, that I became able to do challenging yoga poses little by little through the 8 weeks.”


You will quickly experience the physical, mental and emotional benefits of this transformative practice.

“I am really pleased with how quickly I have experienced general health benefits; I am experiencing lower levels of pain; enjoying the class and will definitely continue after the course finishes. Love it!”

Regular weekly attendance to your class is recommended. You can attend Beginners classes for as long as you wish before moving up to Level 1 classes. This may be as short as eight weeks or as long as three months or more. Level 1 classes are the next on-going class level.

“I like the pace of instruction – explanation is very clear. Also, useful when given extra information about not doing certain positions or changing these if have certain injuries eg. lower back pain.”
Things to know when enrolling for our Beginner Courses:

Register as a new student to our studio by completing a medical background form below. This assists our teachers to assist you.
Payment for the full course is required to confirm your place. If this is difficult please contact Loretta on 0421 824 397 to discuss instalments. Courses need a minimum of eight participants to go ahead.
– Classes start promptly and you can arrive up to 15 minutes prior to get your spot on a mat. We clean mats after each class or you can bring your own personal mat. All equipment is supplied. You can purchase yoga mats, bolsters and props at our studio shop.
– If a course has already started, you can still join the course or join one of our on-going beginners classes. Our Level 1 classes may also be appropriate for you, so please get in touch.
– You can keep on with the beginner’s course or move on to Level 1 classes where you will learn new poses and progress at your own pace. You don’t need to know all the names of the poses, or know how to do every pose, you will learn how to progress with the poses and be given ways of modifying them if needed.
– There are bathroom facilities for changing in to your yoga gear.
– Wear tights or shorts. Avoid wearing baggy clothing as it assists teachers if they can observe alignment of the joints.
– Leaving a gap of 2-3 hours after a heavy meal, and 1-2 hours after a light meal, prior to class is recommended.



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I am extremely satisfied with the classes I attend.  It has assisted me to obtain and appreciate an improved quality of life.”

“Overall I enjoyed the class and would definitely recommend Unfold to anyone…  I now see Yoga as a long term goal, I can see/feel the benefits in just a few short weeks so looking forward to maybe a year or so to see the change.”

“My weekly class has helped me to dedicate time to myself and release some stress that my body carries with me.”