MON 6:00pm
TEACHER: Loretta

Yoga has become familiar to most people these days because it seems to be everywhere. If you are curious, interested, keen to find out what yoga is really about then our foundations for beginners is for you. It is a physically based yoga practice, which starts with the basics, and taught by highly qualified and experienced instructors.

Iyengar Yoga for Beginners

This ongoing beginners course is the place to start if you have never done yoga or haven’t been for a while. It is a foundation based on standing poses and seated postures, and relaxation at the beginning and end of the class. The course is progressive week to week to inspire confidence as a beginner student. You will feel stronger, more stable, less restricted and calmer. 

It is an enlivening process to explore with awareness a steady and stable posture, releasing from habitual tightness and tensions, and bringing greater clarity of mind. You will quickly experience the physical and mental benefits of this transformative practice.

Duration of the class is 1 hour

You can join this class any time by purchasing an eight week Beginners Pass. Planning to book in to a course, you set a positive commitment and intention for having done so. Sharing yoga with family and friends is double the fun, both receiving a 10% discount for joining together. Contact us below to find out how.

The course is progressive and regular weekly attendance to your class is recommended.

Choice of Passes

Beginners 8 week Course $140
One class per week for 8 weeks

Beginners Course Timetable
  • Monday 6:00pm
  • Wednesday 7:30pm

Things to know when joining our Beginner’s Foundation Class:

– Register as a new student to our studio by completing a medical background form.

– Classes start promptly, you can arrive up to 15 minutes prior to get your spot on a mat. We clean mats after each class or you can bring your own personal mat. All equipment is supplied. You can purchase yoga mats, bolsters and props at our studio shop.

– You can repeat/continue the beginner’s course or move on to level 1 classes where you will learn new poses and progress at your own pace. You don’t need to know all the names of the poses, or know how to do every pose, you will learn how to progress with the poses, finding the path of least resistance and looking after yourself. Teachers can offer modifications for the individual and do so skilfully within the general class.

-There are bathroom facilities for changing in to your yoga gear.

-Please do not wear perfumes.

-Wear tights or shorts. Avoid wearing baggy clothing, as it assists teachers if they can observe alignment of the joints.

-Leaving a gap of 2-3 hours after a heavy meal, and 1-2 hours after a light meal prior to class is recommended.

-Join with your friends and family, it’s always fun to share yoga with the special people in your life.



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“During the class I look forward to getting out of my mind and back in to my body.  This calming yet active time allows me to switch off from my busy life situation and connect back to myself.”
– Jan H.